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Play Is The Most Rigorous Curriculum Known To Humankind

The opposite of play is not work, it's rote. ~Dr. Edward Hallowell
Our outdoor classroom is one big slope and within that slope there are many ups and downs, reflecting our city which is built on hills. We're forever experimenting with gravity out there, rolling and flowing things downhill or dragging and pushing things up. There are parts of the space that are so steep one needs a running start to get to the top and there is very little flat upon which to rest one's legs.
We have a pair of wagons, which are regularly used on the hills. Once, we made an airplane.
From my photos, it's easy to see the physics and engineering learning, but those were minor aspects, side-effects, of the bigger, more important project, which was figuring out how to get along with the other people.

Article by Teacher Tom

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