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Q: What if I am over income?​

A: At this time, we are not enrolling families who are over income. Please refer to the chart linked ( and keep your most current income on file.


Q: Do you accept PCOE?

A: We have a direct contract with the state to provide services free or reduced (based on income) childcare. This streamlines the process and eliminates the need for using PCOE with us. Your PCOE can help pay for childcare outside of our hours, example: a family member, friend or neighbor during nights and weekends.

Q: What are considered excused absences?

A: Excused absences can include the following: 

Illness (sick): household member and may include parent, child or sibling. 

Parenting time: A copy of the ordered time(s) must be kept in the child’s confidential file. 

Family emergency: transportation event, scheduling conflict, cultural/religious responsibility, natural disaster or event, mental health event, lack of resources (ex: fuel, food, clothing) or a confidential reason.

Betterment day: “in the best interest of the child”, visiting with family, on vacation, etc. Max of 10 days per year (July-June).

Q: Are half days an option?

A: Enrollment and attendance are two different categories. We can secure a spot for those days and hours, even though it might not necessarily reflect attendance.

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