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Playful Transformations by Miriam Beloglovsky

Playful Transformations is a wonderful resource for children, parents, and educators to learn how to regain their joy of play.

From their homepage:

Play is vitally important for children and adults. Play is a state of mind and attitude that leads to wonder and discovery. When we play, we enter into a state of flow, a highly focused state of consciousness that promotes creativity and innovation.
P – Present - When we play we are present and in the moment, and we find a sense of place and belonging.
L - Lasting - When we play we build lasting memories that sustain us for the rest of our life
A – Active - When we play we build relationships with the people and the environment.
Y – You - When we play we focus on ourselves to find our childhood genius. (focus on you)
Playful Transformation promotes the benefits of play through the use of loose parts. We believe that both children and adults benefit from playing with ordinary objects (loose parts) that offer multiple affordances to grow our creativity and capacities to freely explore, design, reflect, and innovate.

Please check out their website for additional details at


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