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Eco-Healthy Child Care® Endorsed Child Care Facility


Media Contacts: Debbie McMannis, 916-712-0684

Eco-Healthy Child Care® Endorsed Child Care Facility

Lincoln Community Preschool has recently been endorsed by Children’s Environmental Health Network for their efforts and continued commitment to reduce children’s exposures to environmental toxicants

Lincoln, CA—September 2018 —The Children’s Environmental Health Network’s (CEHN) Eco-Healthy Child Care® program, recognizes Lincoln Community Preschool for their commitment to improving the environmental health of their child care facility - to protect the children they care for. Lincoln Community Preschool facility was awarded the Eco-Healthy Child Care® endorsement by CEHN in August 2018. This endorsement certifies that they are going above and beyond the requirements of Department of Social Services child care licensing regulations to enhance their child care program through the integration of eco-healthy practices.

Over recent years environmentally-related illnesses such as lead poisoning, and developmental disabilities have grown at alarming rates and are of unique concern because they are preventable. Emerging science is linking chemicals found in child care settings to illnesses such as asthma, learning disabilities, neurological disorders and some childhood cancers. Environmental exposures can cause, worse, or contribute to these conditions. Children are particularly at risk because their bodies and organs are still developing and their behavior, such as hand to mouth and crawling on the floor, increase their exposure.

The Eco-Healthy Child Care® program is a nationally-recognized endorsement program that delivers technical assistance and training to child care providers on reducing exposure to toxicants to protect children and staff. EHCC program offers a plethora of valuable information on Bisphenol-A (BPA) in plastic food containers, PVC in toys, formaldehyde in commonly-used furniture, lead and mercury poisoning, and much more. EHCC endorsed facilities comply with 24 of 30 environmental health best practices which offers low- to no-cost changes to reduce children’s exposure to toxicants. Programs applying for endorsement must include a third party verification signature and agree to an on-site assessment which assures that the EHCC best practices are being adhered to.

Lincoln Community Preschool opened in August, 2018 in Lincoln CA.

“We are committed to serving all children, including children with special and dietary needs, which is why in addition to being the only EHCC endorsed program in Northern California, we provide a daily snack which eliminates all major food allergens (gluten/grains, peanuts, dairy).”-Casey Johnson, owner/director.

Lincoln Community Preschool’s current endorsement is good for twenty- four months. Child care programs can sustain their Eco-Healthy Child Care® endorsement by submitting an updated checklist every two years.

For more information about the national Eco-Healthy Child Care® program or to become an endorsed child care program, go to or call 202- 543-4033 ext. 10.



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